The Bering Team

Gregory Minevich

Co-founder, CEO

Greg completed his PhD at Columbia working at the intersection of genetics, neuroscience, and bioinformatics. Before that he worked at two early stage mobile startups. Greg also earned masters degrees in Information Systems from the London School of Economics and in Biotechnology from Columbia.

Sam Blinstein

Co-founder, CTO

After earning his PhD in Mathematics from UCLA, Sam was the technical product manager at Vanguard Video, an established software startup. While there, he created data analysis pipelines and supporting applications and worked as a technical lead on top-tier client engagement with engineering teams at Netflix, Microsoft Azure, and Intel.

Steve Shapiro

Co-founder, Business Advisor

Steve is vice president and COO at Das & Co. and Landmark Banyan Real Estate Advisors, a New York based private equity and investment management firm specializing in emerging markets real estate and private equity projects. Prior to Das & Co., he was a Senior Marketing Representative for Aetna, Inc. Steve holds an MBA from New York University.

Orit Ben-Shitrit

Creative Director

Orit is a visual artist whose films, photographs, and paintings have been shown worldwide. She has also spent over 10 years as an advertising art director where she leads ad campaigns for clients such as Bloomberg, Royal Caribbean, Rolex, Mercedes Benz, and T. Rowe Price.

Anastasia Sulyagina


Anastasia is currently pursuing an MS degree in software engineering at Saint Petersburg State University. She has a passion for data science and machine learning and has several years of software development and data mining experience.

Artyom Molchanov


Artyom is passionate about applying machine learning to big, impactful ideas. He has several years of software development and data mining experience — most recently he built a startup around predicting real estate prices and liquidity. Artyom is currently pursuing an MS degree in software engineering at Saint Petersburg State University.

Nick Farina

Business Advisor

Nick is CEO of GiftedHire, a career education platform reaching over 18,000 top students. He has 10+ years of experience in tech as an Advisor/Investor/Founder in multiple industries, and served on the Board of Directors for Chicago Access Corporation, one of the largest public television networks in the US. He holds a BA from Haverford College & Oxford.

Arthur Uhimov

Research Administration Advisor

Arthur is a research administrator at Columbia University’s Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute. He has extensive experience supporting academic investigators and departments with all aspects of the research enterprise including proposal development, finance, analytics, and recruitment.

Jon Wetzel

Business Advisor

Jon was an early engineer at ZocDoc where he helped build out the engineering team before taking on the role of Director of Product. Prior to ZocDoc, he served as a Senior Management Consultant for Generations Plus Northern Manhattan Health Network. In 2005 Jon co-founded ScrubbedIn, a medical education startup.

Mike Harkey

Business Advisor

Mike brings over 15 years of management and business development experience at consumer mobile and Internet companies. He is currently the VP of business development at Foursquare, which has grown from no revenue to over $30M in two years. Mike holds an MBA from Stanford.

Sandeep Wontakal

Scientific Advisor

Sandeep earned his MD and PhD from The Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is currently pursuing residency in Pathology at Columbia Medical Center. At Columbia, he analyzes genomics data from patients with diseases of unknown etiology and identifies novel mutations in genes that were not previously associated with a disease.